Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long-Range Plan

In reading the Long-Range Plan, I learned that the plan has very high goals and expectations for all stakeholders in the Texas education system. I truly hope these goals are attainable because it would be wonderful if all Texas school children, parents, and teachers had the skills, hardware, and infrastructure to utilize technology for education anywhere and anytime. I am glad that students and almost all teachers are beginning to recognize the importance and the role of technology in teaching and learning. In order for the plan to be fully realized, the various constituents must follow through with the ETAC’s recommendations.

As an instructional leader, I have many responsibilities to help achieve the goals stated in this plan. I can refer to the plan for guidance in incorporating technology effectively on my campus. I can use the campus STaR Chart to gauge my success in implementing the plan. I must ensure that teachers have plenty of professional development to learn the Technology Application Skills and specific training to incorporate technology in to actual lessons. I must budget plenty of money to acquire technology hardware, software, and professional development. I must comprehensively support the use of technology on my campus.

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