Friday, November 27, 2009

Reflections of Assessments

The two assessments, Technology Applications Inventory and the State Educational Technology Directors Association Teacher Survey, were very useful in uncovering several areas of weakness in my technology skills. Since middle school and high school I have loved computers and technology and have taken many courses, but there is always more to learn since technology is ever evolving.

From the Technology Applications Inventory, I learned that I could not answer yes to all questions in any of the domains, but I am particularly weak in the Foundations and Solving Problems with Technology Tools Domains. Some of the Foundation questions that I had to answer no in include: “understand the difference between operating systems,” “create and save files that can be used cross platform,” and “delineate between .au and .cwk files.” (Lanclos, p.1) In the Solving Problems with Technology Tools Domain for example, I have no idea what it means to “create linear and non-linear multimedia projects,” and as a music teacher I have not “integrated acquired technology application skills” in the core curriculum. (Lanclos, p. 3) The questions that I answered no to were items that I have never had the need to utilize, have not used in a long time, or simply vocabulary that at some point I learned but do not remember.

From the State Educational Technology Directors Association Teacher Survey, I felt a little bit more positive about my technology skills and efforts. I utilize the internet from home daily. (SEDTA/Metiri Group, 2004, p. 4) I am highly skilled in the areas of word processing, email, presentation software, multimedia editing and authoring software (Adobe Premiere Elements and Paint Shop Pro), graphic peripherals (scanner, digital camera, and projector) and technology specific to music (Audacity and Finale). (SEDTA/Metiri Group, 2004, p. 13)

From the assessments, I learned that although I believe that I possess technology skills equal or greater than my professional peers in my district I still have much to learn. In particular, finding and using research based applications for technology as well as integrating technology with core curriculum. As a principal, my strengths include a willingness to learn and utilize new technology, to model the use of technology, and willingness to support technology initiatives.

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